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what Color About Flower Girl Dresses UK

Le 10 October 2015, 09:38 dans Humeurs 0

what color should flower girl dresses?The  flower girl dresses uk color should be chosen according to the tone of the wedding, according to the wedding's main colors to choose the small formal attire of same color or white yarn skirt, with the main colors of small elements, such as headdress flower. Can also choose and bridesmaid dresses with color one fabric, that will be very eye-catching. But a thousand thousand not to choose a flower skirt, will be very disorderly. Male flower girl dress and groom can be as long as the color. The groom wears white, male flower girl wear white. The groom wears black, male flower girls wear black.

Flower girl dress is to buy or rent? Many wedding dress Pao has little dress rental, but it is best to buy the dress to give children, this will keep them happy and some mothers don't like their children wear other people's clothes.

How To Choose Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Le 8 October 2015, 04:47 dans Humeurs 0

Graceful posture, charming curve, noble temperament... Dressed in a Lace Bridesmaid Dresses, let a woman so elegant and graceful... So about the dress you are not there are many problems?

Late type
1, grade quasi dress.
Styles of pinafore styles, but stressed or Strapless backless. Skirt length ranging from knee to Lace Bridesmaid Dresses uk according to the sleeve with gloves is a very formal dress.

2, grade is dress.
Style open collar, fully shoulder, sleeveless principle. Skirt length should be plunging to the ground, satin, taffeta, iridescent fabric, diamonds and other metal jewelry collocation, luster gorgeous and small, above the Elbow Gloves, such as shoes and dress the same texture, the formal sense was the highest.


Choose Your Bridesmaid Your Dresses

Le 30 September 2015, 06:06 dans Humeurs 0

How can the bridesmaid at the wedding day do not grab the limelight but not submerged in friends, many friends? At this time, you will need a decent bridesmaid dresses, today Xiaobian is for everyone to introduce a set of suitable to a spring wedding bridesmaid dresses, and see the spring in an instant, a matron of honour should wear what dress?

This is a group of Jim Hjelm series of bridesmaid dresses, this a series of bridesmaid dress color is too thick, the intense red, elegant purple, noble silver design as the main colors, fabric is very high, the senior satin, silk smooth, give a person a kind of noble and elegant. Simple design, smooth cutting, the line is very smooth, in the simple to see the fashion trend. This series will enable you to be a bridesmaid dress dazzling member wedding.

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